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This wiki will be used to convey information about CMIP5 versions of the ACCESS coupled model to the wider scientific community.

ACCESS models

There are two ACCESS coupled models contributing to CMIP5, ACCESS1.0 and ACCESS1.3 (see Publications page). These are different models.
ACCESS1.0 uses the MetOffice's MOSES land surface model and has atmospheric physics essentially the same as the MetOffice's HadGEM2 version r1.1.
ACCESS1.3 uses the Australian community CABLE land surface model and has atmospheric physics similar to the MetOffice GA1.0 global atmosphere model (though including changes by CAWCR scientists). Significantly, the GA1.0 and ACCESS1.3 include the PC2 prognostic cloud scheme.
The ocean and sea ice components are based on the GFDL MOM4p1 and LANL CICE4.1 codes and are essentially the same in both ACCESS1.0 and 1.3.

Publishing of data to the ESG

Data from both ACCESS1.0 and ACCESS1.3 is now available from (use of will be phased out). More details are at Data Publishing Status and Known Issues.

ACCESS1.0 CMIP5 simulations
  • piControl: years 300-799
  • historical: years 1850-2005 (2+ ensembles)
    • r1i1p1: This experiment is branched from the piControl experiment at the start of year 300
    • r2i1p1: This experiment is branched from the piControl experiment at the start of year 349 (Simulation run by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science)
  • 1pctCO2: years 300-439
  • abrupt4xCO2: years 300-449
  • rcp45, rcp85: years 2006-2100
  • amip: 1978-2008 (local experiment name is xajba)
ACCESS1.3 CMIP5 simulations
  • piControl: years 250-749
  • historical years 1850-2005 (This experiment is branched from the piControl experiment at the start of year 250)
  • 1pctCO2: years 250-389
  • abrupt4xCO2: years 250-400
  • rcp45, rcp85: years 2006-2100
  • amip: (2 ensemble members), years 1978-2008
    • r1i1p1: local experiment is uaakq, with 5 day updating of aerosol emissions (as in the above coupled model simulations)
    • r1i1p2: local experiment is uaakj, with monthly updating of aerosol emissions

For CAWCR staff, information about the raw model output is available on the ACCESS local wiki

Local Data Availability

Additional data is available to the Australian community while data integrity is being checked, before wider publishing. Note, these files may not have been verified, so please be cautious about their use.
The data files are on the dcc machine at the NCI National Facility, to those who have joined the ua6 group. This group is open to NCI NF users who have an ESG login. 

Published files:
All files in CMIP5 format, including non quality controlled data:

For information and errata about unpublished data, please read the file:

Users who don't have an account with NCI NF, may contact Peter.Uhe(at) about accessing the data.

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