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Welcome to CSIRO Scientific Computing (SC)

We provide Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) researchers access to:


High Performance Computing (HPC) and data storage facilities are available for CSIRO researchers. These facilities are both CSIRO and partner hosted and include; NCI National Facility, CSIRO SC Shared Systems, the CSIRO Accelerator Cluster, NCI Specialised Facilities (Bioinformatics and Imaging/Visualisation), CSIRO Condor Cycle Harvesting, iVEC Pawsey Centre and TPAC.

eResearch Applications Support

The CSIRO eResearch program supports a range of activities allowing CSIRO scientists to move their applications beyond the desktop and onto advanced computational facilities. This increases research productivity and opens up new science opportunities. Dedicated staff and facilities are available from a range of services including Accelerated Computing, Visualisation, and Science Data. There are regular Workshops held to provide training for using facilities.


Scientific Computing provides a large range of commercial and open source software. There is no direct charge for use of this commercial software. In the future, sustained use may require a financial contribution.


The Scientific Computing team is available to assist with getting started on HPC systems, choosing an appropriate facility to use, provide guidance on using software, and can help to resolve technical issues.

There is also assistance available for porting, debugging and tuning code. Additionally, workflow, data management and parallel programming expertise is also available. Engagement with researchers can be casual or ongoing, depending on the requirements.