The Hill Group






Falling within Integrated Nanosciences, Dr Matthew Hill's team of researchers focus upon nanoporous materials tailored towards the following applications:

Storage and release - Separate, trap and release specific molecules for delivery of active species such as nutrients, drugs, inhibitors, and gas molecules such as methane, hydrogen and CO2.

Sensors - Detection of specific target molecules or operational states such as stress, heat, corrosion and irradiation.

Smart coating - Diffusion and mobility of target species for corrosion inhibition and material self-repair, as well as anti-microbial and self-cleaning functions

Membranes - Low energy separators of which selectivity for different gases may be tailored. Membranes shall be useful for cleaner coal and fuel cell technologies as well as greenhouse gas mitigation and water treatment techniques.

Catalysts - Selective, productive and clean reactions for renewable energy sources.



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